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8 October 2020
Aachen, Germany
Business Meeting Biomedica on the Move

Biomedica on the move

1:1 Business Virtual Meetings platform

October 8th 2020

‘Biomedica on the move’ invites you to take part virtually in the event covering a host of topics  : 

  • wearable devices (in health),
  • monitoring at hospital or at home,
  • Artificial Intelligence, hardware, software, data analyse, data security (for medical data’s).

At ‘Biomedica on the move’, we offer the opportunity to make targeted and time-efficient contacts with visitors from Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands and abroad. Through an online platform, interested parties can present themselves in the run-up to the event with a profile and thus make targeted appointments.

Virtual matchmaking: 
The virtual meetings are meetings taking place through an inline video communication tool intagrated in B2Match, with participants attending them remotely. You don't need to download any software in your laptop !

Why participate ?

We will get you in touch with potential partners across the globe.

- We will be using virtual connections so that you can meet, watch and talk with companies who are interested in partnerships.

How does it works?  Read more here ...

Participation is free of charge but mandatory !



Closed since 31 October 2020


Avenue de l'Hopital, 1
Aachen, Germany

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Participants 93
Meetings 58


Belgium 19
Bulgaria 2
Croatia 1
Cyprus 2
Germany 7
Greece 1
Hungary 1
India 1
Ireland 1
Italy 5
Lithuania 1
Luxembourg 1
Netherlands 12
Nigeria 1
Poland 1
Portugal 2
Romania 10
Serbia 2
Spain 18
Switzerland 1
Ukraine 2
United Kingdom 9
Total 100


Start-up 22
Company 47
University 14
R&D Institution 4
Association/Agency 5
Authority/Government 2
Other 6
Total 100

Profile views

Before event 3659
After event 335
Total 3994